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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Briefing on the UN Mapping Report at US Congress in DC

Rayburn House Building, US Capitol, Washington DC

A panel of several non-profit organizations, human rights and advocacy groups briefed an audience made of US congressional staffers, Congolese-Americans, members of catholic clergy.... Congolese and Rwandan diplomats in Washington, Congolese - US residents, the press, college interns and students...on the importance of the UN Mapping Report in order for Congress to make a plea to the Obama cabinet to press the Congo's leadership, along Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda and many other states, to establish responsibilities on the aftermath of the massive rape, invasion of Congo's territory and the genocide. This Panel "called for Justice" in the face of violations of human rights and crimes against humanity committed, as reported, between 1993 and 2003. Next step, a hearing will be called by Congress where members of this panel will testify before Congress... (to be continued) 
Mr. Claude Gatebuke, on the panel lived the tragedy and survived the genocide. 
What an honor to be among other like minded people taking ACTION for humanity and JUSTICE!!!!

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