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Friday, January 22, 2010

Changing the title

This blog was going called Congo in conflict. But I have seen so many women, men and countries come together in the past 2 weeks to help Haiti. Tonight I attended a fund raiser organized by Partner's in Health founded by Dr. Paul Farmer, he flew to Haiti, immediately after the Earthquake but his wife Didi who is Haitian stayed here and organized a fund raiser at a local restaurant called Heaven, owned by Alisha and Josh Ruxin. It was well attended, the American Ambassador, spoke so graciously, with compassion and genuine concern for the people of Haiti.
There is a small community of Haitians in Rwanda mostly at PHI. It was so wonderful to see so many friends old and new come together to help another country. Rwanda is a very small country in Africa, with many issues of poverty and education. But in times of devastation it is there to help others in need. So I thought the name Countries Unite is an appropriate name.
Founded by Dr. Paul Farmer: The PIH hospital in Haiti provides free treatment to patients. PIH helps patients living in poverty to obtain effective drugs to treat tuberculosis and AIDS. Dr. farmer and his wife Didi currently reside in Rwanda, although Dr. Farmer is now in Haiti.

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