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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rwanda Helps with Haiti's Disaster

I arrived in Kigali, Rwanda on Saturday Jan. 9, 2010 in the evening with all my luggage. Returning to this beautiful country, progression in the cities, with poverty and oppression still in the rural areas.

After two days here, a horrific earthquake turns Port au Prince, Haiti, into rubble, with thousands of dead bodies and missing loved ones. My prayers and thoughts are with these people that have needed political change and support for many years. I would have gone to Haiti, to help in any way I could, if I wasn't here.

I'm sure my good friend, and island mother, Caroll Sirhakis is heartbroken, as Haiti was her love and second home. I hope her friends and loved ones survived. My thoughts are with you Caroll.

Rwanda a small country in Africa with much poverty donated $100,000 USD to help Haiti. That says a lot about this country, that will reach out to help others in need. There will be a fund raiser this Friday night for Haiti. I will attend and have a couple of images printed for the auction.

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